Premium Financing

Next Wave Premium Finance, a division of Next Wave Insurance Services, LLC


  • Next Wave Premium Finance, Inc. “NWPF” operates as a premium finance solution for all commercial lines, including cannabis.
  • Next Wave Premium Finance, is also a sister company to our cannabis MGU, CannGen Insurance Services, LLC “CannGen”. This allows us to provide a premium finance agreement with every quote and requote issued via CannGen. This makes it seamless and convenient for our producers and insureds.


 Next Wave Premium Finance is one of the few finance companies working in the Cannabis industry

  • Headquartered in San Diego, California, with branches in Rancho Cordova, CA and Chicago, IL to serve our clients needs in the cannabis marketplace.
  • Clients include many Top 100 Agents and Brokers, who have forged long term relationships with NWPF due to our prompt response, flexibility and proven reliability as their trusted premium finance partner/advisor.


Customizing Special Programs Which Avoid “One Size Fits All” Mentality

  • Terms and rates to meet client’s actual needs and expectations.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced team members who understand unusual or complex accounts.
  • Terms based on insured’s credit worthiness which don’t require an agency/broker to guarantee the loan.
  • Flexibility to quickly make changes to programs to accommodate new needs or goals.
  • Optional revenue programs to choose from including traditional point origination “add on” to your NWPF interest rate and proprietary monthly service fee program on smaller accounts.


Building Partnerships with our Agents & Brokers

  • Dedicated support staff assigned to your agency.
  • Cancellation Avoidance Program by direct “touch” to the insured through courteous phone, text, and email contact.


Recent Updates

  • Full integration with DocuSign.
  • NWPF has the ability to collect the down payment on behalf of the agent.
  • NWPF Management Portal ( – The most efficient option for all payments, financed or not!


For more information or to request references, please contact:

Blake Geoffrion, Senior Vice President of Next Wave Premium Finance

Phone: 615-476-9242