Q: When is the down payment due?

A: Down payments are due 10 days after the policy effective date.

Q: How much is the down payment?

A: Down payment amount is based on 25% of the premium plus 100% of any fully earned premium, surplus lines taxes & fees, and any additional fees.

Q: Can we take our commission when remitting payment?

A: Yes, please deduct from total premium due.

Q: Address to send the check payments?

A: Checks can be mailed to CannGen Insurance Services P.O. 388, Roseville, CA 95661 or via overnight to 1860 Sierra Gardens Drive #388, Roseville, CA 95661.

Q: When will the policy be issued?

A: Policies are released once the down payment or premium is paid in full.

Q: Can the insured pay CannGen?

A: Unfortunately, we can only accept payments from our Producers.

Q: Can I pay via ACH?

A: Yes. We accept payments via the PayNow portal or if you would like to do a bank-to-bank ACH payment, please contact our Accounting team at Accounting@Canngenins.com.

Q: If using the PayNow portal, how can I obtain my information?

A: Email or contact our team and we will be able to assist you with your location ID that is required for the payment site.

Q: Can I file the Surplus Lines taxes?

A: No, reporting the premium to the State is the responsibility of CannGen.

Q: Where do we send our commissions?

A: If the policy is financed, any unearned commissions should be remitted to your finance company.

Q: Do you send out statements?

A: Emails are sent out at the end of each month to the Producers accounting contact. If you do not receive the emails, please contact our Accounting team at Accounting@Canngenins.com.

Q: Can the finance company send the funds directly to the Producer?

A: It is CannGen’s request that funding is sent to CannGen directly.

Q: Endorsement can be added to the current finance?

A: In most cases, yes. For further information, please contact your Finance company.

Q: Who to contact about the claim?

A: Please visit the Claims Information part of our website.

Q: How to obtain the binders/invoices?

A: Binders and invoices are sent by our Service team once the process has been completed. Should you have questions, please email our team.

Q: Can we use the credit towards new policy?

A: Please contact out team to discuss. Some situations prevent us from applying return premium from one policy to another.

Q: Are the credits available to take?

A: Please contact our Accounting team. Return premiums are sent out when received from our carriers.

Q: When will the policy reinstatement be sent?

A: When payments are received, our Accounting team will request the policy be reinstated and may take a few days to be processed. Should you have additional questions, please email our Service team.

Q: How to request loss runs?

A: Please email Lossruns@canngenins.com.

Q: Types of Vaults

A: Custom Vault, Shipping Container, DEA Cage, Refrigerated Unit.

The following may help regarding completing the vault form. Ceilings, walls and floors have 3 options on the vault form under the custom vaults.

The Insured either chooses the first 3 highlighted in Yellow, OR,

The second yellow statement can be left blank if the green statement is initialed, OR,

If the walls are fire resistive drywall, the purple highlighted items must be completed as follows:

First statement with X must be initialed, and either the next 1 or 2 or both 1 & 2 must be initialed regarding the drywall and miles from Fire Department. The remaining purple highlighted items must be present if the Fire resistive drywall is chosen.

The Custom Vault requires Steel Rebar/ Steel Plates OR the fire resistive drywall with mesh.

Please reach out to your Underwriter for a copy of this form.

Q: Do you issue Certificates of Insurance/Certificates of Liability?

A: CannGen does not issue Certificates of Insurance. Certificates can be issued through your Agency Management System. If you do not utilize an Agency Management System, you can use this fillable Acord 25 to help get you started.